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"I would like to be the female heroine of the future, who is feminine and vulnerable yet tough, savvy and able to fight her way out of a dangerous situation without being sexually exploited. There haven't been many of those roles available to women but I think audiences are ready for a strong female character they can respect who is feminine and can still kick ass."

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At 5’8” and with a figure molded like a Greek goddess, Mimi Lesseos is a walking, talking action hero. A true American success story, Mimi grew up near Hollywood Boulevard, the youngest of five children born to a Latino mother and a Greek father. A scrawny girl who found refuge by hanging out in the Olympic Auditorium where wrestling and boxing matches were held, she took her first judo class at age 11 and entered her first professional match at age 16.

Known worldwide by her fighting name, “Magnificent Mimi,” (she just happens to be one of the top female Grapplers/Wrestlers in the world and had the honor of training and wrestling Jim Carey in MAN ON THE MOON) Mimi is also a champion martial artist, stuntwoman and actress. In MILLION DOLLAR BABY, Mimi dons her boxing gloves and delivers a riveting performance as she fights to maintain her title against arch rival Billie-The Blue Bear as portrayed by Lucia Rijker. When Mimi is not wielding weapons and swords in THE SCORPION KING, or street fighting in GANGS OF NEW YORK (Daniel Day Lewis’ character axes Mimi in the forehead in the opening scene)

Lesseos just finished Producing, Starring and Writing her sixth feature film “Double Duty”, Tom Sizemore play’s Mimi ‘s love interest. It’s a charming Romantic, Action, Comedy.

A Funny, action-packed coming of age story that portrays Lesseos as an ex-marine trying to adjust to civilian life and discover her feminine side, with the help of her friend Sophia. Many obstacles are thrown in her path, resulting in edge of your seat action scenes. Her love interest, Craig (Sizemore) is sweet and soft-spoken but is intrigued with M.J’s (Lesseos) tough side, creating a hilarious dynamic duo that keeps us laughing as well as touches our hearts.

Lesseos has her own production company Stepping Out Films – where she has Written, Produced, Starred and Directed in six of her own feature films which are distributed worldwide.

Lesseos’ PUSHED TO THE LIMIT delves into the secret world of the Kumite (a competitive elimination fight to the death); BEYOND FEAR showcases Lesseos’ martial arts, kickboxing and wrestling expertise; STREETS OF RAGE features high-impact martial arts sequences; and PERSONAL VENDETTA highlights the true art of ‘street fighting.’ “I wanted to prove that a female action hero can take on the best of opponents and still maintain her feminine qualities,” quips Mimi.

These films, packaged on DVD as a set of four, will be distributed by Image Entertainment to all major video outlets throughout the United States in September 2006.

Mimi Lesseos is a true “woman of the future.” Also known as “Magnificent Mimi”, she shines as a role model to all females through her multiple skills as an actress ,stuntwoman and a champion martial artist. Her healthy and active lifestyle has enabled her to become one of the most admired female action heroines in the new millennium.

Having starred, produced and wrote seven motion pictures of her own, her recent production works include a new movie she co-wrote, produced and starred in “Double Duty”, also starring as Mimi's love interest is Hollywood's bad boy Tom Sizemore.

Mimi Lesseos is a tough sexy woman fighter, Actress , Stuntwoman and producer. Magnificent Mimi has found notary as everything from a world champion female fighter, to a highly sought after stuntwomen in both television and film. Adorning the pages of everything from black belt Magazine to Playboy magazine, her notoriety both as a fighter and a woman have made her known for the true renaissance women that she is.

Working on such films as “Million Dollar Baby”, “Green Hornet”, “Gangs of New York”, and “Scorpion King”, Mimi is always working her many versatile talents in the major Hollywood industry.