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Bring the Movie Star out of you!

Would you like to Roll like a movie star like magnificent Mimi LESSEOS does. You don’t have to be in movies or television shows like I am to roll like a movie star.

First off it’s all about the image you must look and feel like a movie star when your image looks like a movie star , then you feel like a movie star. Look through all the latest magazines out on the stands or Google movie star images and try to recreate one of the outfits you see from the magazines or Google. Look in your closet.. see if you have the same shirt or jacket place it with a pair of pants , skirt or shorts that are similar. Shoes are very important make sure you have the right shoes with your outfit, boots are very sexy and very Hollywood so if you have a dress or some nice leggings make sure to put some sexy boots on and you guys .. cowboy boots always turn a girl on so make sure you have a nice pair of black cowboy boots. Once you are dressed the part search Google for hairstyles that are worn by celebrities, it just may be a fun messy look which is also Hollywood and that is not just waking up and going out it’s actually designed that way lots of gel hair spray and blow drying makes your hair messy and looks the part but if you don’t like that Grunge messy look which it’s not for everybody , make sure you find a nice clean-cut movie star hairstyle.

Movie stars always have a bit of an attitude when they’re walking around or having conversations or even just standing around having a cocktail , you kind of know that they are a somebody because of their attitude. I’m telling you , you must have attitude and not a bad one it must be a very self Worthy attitude and walking in a room with attitude is what having a movie star attitude is about , your presence is always welcome when you look , act and roll like a movie star. Walk in the room with your shoulders back, and your head up… you’re in your fabulous movie star outfit and you feel like a CELEBRITY , when you’re walking anywhere even in a grocery store it’s all about how you feel about yourself! love yourself, respect yourself and it will absolutely ooze out when anybody sees you. There again you do not have to be in movies or television or theater to roll like a movie star. Stay tuned for more Roll like a movie star advice for magnificent Mimi Lesseos.

Love Yourself today yesterday and tomorrow

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