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Mimi Lesseos

Mimi is Sensational, Uplifting, Heart Warming, Entertaining - She creates an experiance!

Celebrity Empowerment Motivational Key Speaker

Mimi Lesseos is a world renowned action star, A former champion professional fighter, an award winning Producer, Actress, Stuntwoman, Writer, Author, Host and Empowerment Speaker, She is certified in Human Empowerment Improvement.

Mimi Shares her Heart with her unique Brand of Motivation & Inspiration. Mimi Lesseos gives her audience a feeling of freedom from Feeling Low to Reaching High and Thriving for more.

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Mimi Lesseos has been featured on

Huffington Post, Television Academy, Los Angeles Times,
ABC, NBC, CBS, E! Entertainment and more...
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Mimi Lesseos has been featured on NPR     

After Living Dozens Of Lives, Leading Stuntwoman Mimi Lesseos Has Lessons To Offer

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