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Private Hollywood 1920’s party. Roll like a star

Roll like a Movie Star

By: Mimi Lesseos

It was a special VIP celebrity night at The Nuit Blanche show we were all invited to this fabulous 1920s building near downtown Los Angeles it was a secret location and our publicist told each celebrity to meet at this building, the minute we walked in it was an experience of Paris in 1920s . There were flapper girls all over and they were screaming to the top of their voices with the piano player in the corner and the guys with tap shoes doing a number all around you . There was a special absinthe bar, they were preparing the special drinks for the evening for their special celebrity guests , melting sugar and pouring this magical drink. There were dancer doing very sexy routines. Dancing 1920s French flappers and dancing swing and they were singing in French and wearing 1920s attire. After a very big dance routine and lots of drinking they paraded everybody into the dinner room, There was a man like The Great Gatsby who had introduced himself to everybody and was very personable he thank everybody for coming to his house and having a personal dinner with him, it felt like you were in somebody’s house at their party from French 1920s. When we sat down there was about 8 to 10 Waiters with trays and they all had tap shoes on , it was like the animated Show with Tom Hanks “The Polar Express” where the scene with all the waiters and the hot chocolate. It was played out , it was live, it was real the waiters were real and they were doing a tap routine with their trays and our food and they came down the aisles and served everybody . I couldn’t believe it ! while a live band was in the corner playing ambiance music and also music to each dance routine . The dinner was a five-course meal and the chef must be somebody quite special because the food was really delicious. by the time dessert came around the waiters took the candles away that was on the table .. they put them out, turn the lights low and steam and smoke came into the room all the hot little French flapper girls started moaning as if they were having sex and the waiters were stomping super hard , they were doing it to the band’s music you almost felt as if you were in the middle of some sort of weird sexy French sex movie . I didn’t know what to think but I felt my thighs sweating!, then they had a red light district scene in the window panes right next to the tables, the flapper girls were dressed in their bra and panties and doing a hot sexy dance routine , I thought it was all over and the evening was ending when the host who was like The Great Gatsby guy said” if anybody is a voyeur , then come upstairs ” and of course everybody was wondering what he was talking about so we all went upstairs and it was a room with all the lights turned off , and about a hundred candles in this room tre were two women and a guy in the middle of the room, they were all three like gypsy dancers. The two women had their tops off they were topless ,the guy also had his top off and they were doing a very sensual Trio dance, kind of like a gypsy Style dance and then the girls started grabbing the candles and pouring hot wax over their titties and their breasts were covered with hot wax as they were continuously dancing a hot wild gypsy dance we were all amazed, this show lasted for about 20 minutes then they stopped walked out and that was it ,everybody went back to the bar and the evening was over it was an experience from beginning to end and by the way .. during the first part of the evening they allowed you to post all on social media but then when you walked into the dinner room before the Big Show they gave you a little red pouch that had a number on it and they took your cell phone and put the red pouch with your cell phone in a little Locker and when the show was over you got to get your cell phone back. Very sexy show! I hear they do the show six times a year in secret different places it is definitely well worth the experience two thumbs up from Mimi Lesseos to Nuit Blanche show.

Roll like a Movie Star …

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